Deflection App

Beam Deflection for Mechanical Engineering
Beam Deflection, Shear, and Bending Moment Calculator

Instantaneous beam analysis that fits in your pocket!

Easily calculate beam deflection and engineering graphs for structural analysis. Quickly double-check your results and develop your intuition of beam deflection theory. This app is an invaluable learning tool for mechanical, civil, structural, and architecture engineering.

Amazing and intuitive touch-based interaction

Interactive graphics

Use touch to position loads and supports along the beam. Our algorithm will automatically handle individual sections and superposition of loads.

Real-time computation

When you edit loads and supports, you can immediately see the effect on shear, moment, slope, and deflection diagrams. Visualize how the beam bends in real time as you interact with the app!

Unlimited loads and supports

Built-in property data libraries

Beam deflection depends on the beam's material (elastic modulus) and its cross-section geometry (moment of inertia). The app includes common values, but you can also specify these values directly.

Smart and useful design


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